Week 6 MKMMA Kanuck’s Transformation Blog

Now we are moving into different ways we can influence the Subconscious mind(The Subby). We do this by using the different shapes and colors suggested and put these on the index cards to have a continual effect on our subconscious mind in order to reprogram our subby. The fact that we can influence our subconscious mind our behaviours and by taking the time to spend using the cards to review these objects on the cards. We need to not take these for granted as it requires us to do these exercises to insure we are touching and programming our subconscious mind. Transforming our lives through these exercises with the shapes, sizes, colors and I promise to cards. Haamel says,”The man who looks within instead of without cannot fail to make use of the mighty forces which will eventually determine his course of life and so bring him into vibration with all the that’s the best, the strongest and most desirable.

The movie poster to create is similar to a dream board and the difference is, that it is, your life’s biography. It is your life story so bring it to life. Itis with tools like this that are making a difference for me and my business. As with previous teachings it is the daily use of these tools that help us to determine our future not the programming we received from childhood and our teen years which usually ends up leaving us as adults with less then our best in our lives. It is the commitment to making a difference that will separate us from the crowd of naysayers.

One of the greatest tools we all have is to listen to people who look to have extraordinary talent and drive. Often, these individuals are like you and I, the only difference is that they commit to their goals, dreams and desires and then take action to fulfill on them.  It is just that, they commit and take action and then never quit till it is reality. I get how the Master Key is teaching us to be like these men and women of extraordinary talent and conviction.

The dream boards set up here are different as it has listed dates and a path to achieve these goals. Then to feel the emotions which are part of the attraction to our dreams and desires and to repeat this often every day. It is really about interrupting our current patterns of behaviours that keep us stuck in our lives of average and ordinary. Breaking these patterns of behaviour set us to a new way of being that breaks us free from our lives of mediocrity.

We create and make the difference for our lives through interrupting our present ways of behaving. The challenge being, when we use our past experience to create our future our past is already in our future. We take the lessons and learnings from the past and put them in our future, and this is where we create from, rather than having a clear or open space with nothing there and begin to create powerfully what we now desire to have.

Daily I have taken the trainings and applied them and the picture is clear and expanding into a much larger picture and vision for the future. I have a greater sense and belief of what my future holds and that is freedom with flavor. Gusto and excellence. Acton and the world of performance are all areas I can now look to create from powerfully. Until next time Peace Be The Journey and I always keep my promises!


MKMMA Week 5 Programming our Subby

So here we are week 5 of this incredible life changing experience. Fidelity to the exercises will create a compounding effect that is mesmerizing and previous members say it is almost like an out of body experience and they start to become the observer and they see that they are feeding their mind constantly in different ways. Keep going with the exercises because this is feeding the subby which is the holodeck. Exercising faith in these exercises is part of the experience and this will increase your own faith in yourself. This leads us to our own self discovery within the material, rather than some Guru telling us what we should be experiencing. What were are being shown and directed to, leaves us to our own self discovery because we are being self directed within the material and to do this one must keep going! GURUS ARE FINE FOR THE WEAK AND UNIMAGINED, THIS IS NOT THIS!

Being self directed is the utmost because no one has the answers for us. Our answers lie within us an is why no one has the answers for us. We take the information given and then self direct ourselves so we can determine what is best for our path and life. Nobody has all the answers.

Let’s go to the holodeck. How do we take charge of it? Create a new blueprint. Whatever we desire we can have with three simple consistent actions and ways of being and they are:

Number 1 is, earnestly desire it! Wholeheartedly, desire is the first step of the master key.

Number 2 is assert our claim to this power!

Then Number 3 is  in your mind’s eye and stay true to this desire of the heart and you will take possession of it!

Once we have this power and law then we will never have fear again.

To get what we want we need to feel like we already have it. For example imagine being there as if it is a place you want to travel and imagine exactly what it will feel like. So hear it, feel it taste it exactly as if it were already in our possession. This will take us to all that we are looking to have and be in our lives. The exercises with the shapes and writing down the end result will begin and have us attract what it is we desire in our lives. Continue to use your imagination with and along side the shapes and colors and make this a daily habit as the more this is done the more you will attract to yourself.

Keep up the daily action habits and the programming of the subby and stay tuned into what it is you are after. Eliminate negative thoughts and ideas. Stop them in their tracks and replace them with what it is you desire. This is the fastest way to attain your goals and dreams. Take action to make these dreams a reality.

Week 4 of The Master Keys

Its quitters week. Those that quit the course and those that quit giving 70, 80 or 90 percent and start giving 100 percent. We are shattering the cement Buddha, the one that covers our true Golden Buddha. The area where we we become fearless versus fearful! We leave behind the fearful behaviours that have our greatness trapped and crack open our true potential and begin living FEARLESS in the face of what must be done, we do! We become the Fearless victor. We transcend away from fear and live fearless. This is a call to action from our soul.

If we are resisting, we are resisting a call to action. Our soul is rooting for us to resurrect it to bring it forth and give it life. To restore the real way we are designed for living and being. It is desiring you to be unleashed on yourself and your entire being. To this be tattooed over our entire being and it becomes transparent to the transcendent and we be unleashed and we become that light we were intended to be.

What is important is that we don’t get started on something unless we are committed to finish it and if we get started we finish it or we don’t get started at all. Modern psychology tells us that if we start something and don’t complete it or if we make a resolution and don’t complete it we are forming the habit of failure, absolute failure. If you don’t intend to complete it, don’t start it or if you do start it, do it and complete  it even if the heavens start to fall!

We are training our brains. The subby does not know size even though it runs our entire being. Complete it, whatever it may be no matter what comes. Then link that feeling to the shapes we have and this is programming the subby. Read, write, promise and do. This is a promise to you and your family, that we give feeling to thought and complete it. Just as exercise increases muscle strength and stamina this commitment to completing these commitments creates new psychological pathways of being  and triggers forms new neural pathways. These pathways are triggers that now give us what we need to keep going and succeed.

This is what we are designed for, not quitting. We were designed to give it our all and rejoice in these triumphs versus giving in to the uneasy or uncomfortable ways of being. It is in passing this way of being and not giving into these feelings that would have us quit, that we truly transcend and be the victors in our pursuit to be all we can be. It leaves us empowered, fearless and victorious and isn’t that what we all want. It is. We desire to be victorious! So how we do it is we decide to do it and take charge of our brain and think when the challenges hit, that now it is time to be victorious and stay the course and complete what we have began. This then we can pass on to others and continually get stronger and be more victorious, showing and sharing this leaves our mark on those around us, having them be more empowered and victorious in this game we call life!


Kanuck’s Master Key Week 3

Week 3 separates the adults from the kids. Adults move on and kids quit and go do something else. John Wooden was one of the greatest coaches in history. He said start out with industriousness and with enormous enthusiasm as these are the cornerstones for success.

Dig in and do the work. Words are the highest form of architecture in the creation of our lives. The passport to success is to stop listening to the mini dramas in life and in our mind.  This frees us up to focus on what is important and relative to having the success we desire.

Read my DMP 3 times daily. Read the scrolls from the TGSITW by OG Mandino. As we read this we begin to eliminate the word will. This helps us to override our current  thoughts and way of being. Use your creative mind to create a new experience in your mind and this creates a new experience in life. As I read these words daily I speak with enthusiasm and energy, creating a new experience in my subconscious mind. Eliminate the word will from all the affirmations and being full feeling as you /I read my daily affirmations and use your body and emotion to help create the new way of action! Creating additional change and now determine what is coming into the subconscious mind. Using the conscious mind to determine what enters the  subconscious mind. The only path to enthusiasm is being enthusiastic daily and even moment to moment. Ruling the subconscious with the conscious mind and choosing what goes in it will lravr us to choose the state we want!

These choices, these ways of being are the way out to transformation and living a life you/I create because we can! Peace be the journey and remember love rules!

Week 2 Kanuck’s Master Key

Week two and now we are out to transform our behaviors. The importance of the Simple exercises that can get my conscious mind to be the Captain of my ship  because of the new neural pathways versus the rudder like approach my subconscious is in directing my life. Reading and doing the exercises are top priority to make this transformation. With this we then will add our PPN’s(Personal Pivotal Needs) to our DMP(Definite Major Purpose). This will help drive me to more action and results with the exercises we have been given. For me these are  A legacy and Spiritual Growth

As I receive the coaching in spite of the fact I AM behind in my homework  I AM committed to PIF(Pay It Forward) and complete on this amazing journey I feel encouraged to effect the world within so the world without will be hugely impacted. Index cards and being in state to have the change really take hold of my  way of being. Daily compounding by completing these daily exercises that are suggested. Doing it with unbridled enthusiasm! Compound effect takes place good or bad.The experience I have had I see how the choices I made were my destiny and now I can do it with greater optimism and knowledge that from nothing anything can and is created. I see a vision of enormous possibility and courage, translating into a large business built upon serving others and being in Performance to make this happen!

Focus upon a DMP( Definite MAjor Purpose has the Impact that makes the difference and gives direction to aimlessness. A huge disease these days especially amongst the Millennials, when not all, but many are suffering with this disease re: money is suppose to be handed to them. Not good for serving out a life purpose of any real significance.  My definite major  purpose will lead and guide me as it has countless of others who gained this secret. I heard repetition is the mother of skill. So we will continue and catch up by the first of January. Have a superb 2018!


This is amazing information and very excited to get clear on “My DMP” Definite Major Purpose and adding this to my day will assist  me in transforming my entire way of being and help me develop into a truly awesome person and leader, one worth following! Having a clear DMP will assist me in being clear and on track for a purpose and a reason.

I see this as I see a great football team! They know why they are on the field(DMP). Every player Knows their role. Where they need to be positioned to have success? They know the position on the field and are ready for the next play. This is not always the way in life, we are not ready and in the right position to win this game of life. I know I have arrived in the right place and tr tight time. Here is to being the most teachable and coachable player on the field.

It’s time. It’s time.It.s time.

As Within So Without

This journey has been awesome. Struggling at first. Feelings of overwhelm and they are not the factor that matters. What matters is persistent continuous action towards its attainment. Attainment of what? Goals and dreams!

Since there is no finish line there is more to do. First keep chipping away was the suggestion for completion, because the more I do on this journey the more I grow the more I grow. Talk about my dreams and goals all time and make sure what I do advances me in the direction of my goals and dreams.

Know my DMP Definite Major Purpose and read it every day morning, noon and night.. This starts out to give us control of our conscious mind. Staying on this mental diet truly begins to make a difference. Feed my mind with thoughts to empower me and when negative arrives feed the mind thoughts that empower me to take action. This is termed the Law of Substitution and this must be practiced daily with shapes, colors and this will lead to continual transformation of thoughts and emotions which eventually takes off and allows for the things I desire to become manifested, things that I deem important not what other people say is important. Start to think for myself without weighing in the opinions of others. Use the shapes and suggestions offered to up my game.

Daily reading of the blueprint builder will assist the subby(subconscious) to begin to lessen the hold it has on oneself. Doing this daily and remaining consistent will move you in the direction of your Dharma and better said your purpose for being here.

So one must stay the course, apply the coaching, do the work, it will be worth it in the end!